(Signed Limited Edition Hardcover)
An artist whose religious-inspired works utilize various materials.

A tattooed man who quests to reclaim his art.

An ice cream man who is more than just a vendor of sweet treats.

What do these characters have in common?

Their stories, which first appeared on the FiendMaster's website, have been compiled here to create Fiends, Volume I.

  • Canvas - "What is more important? The art, or the medium used to create the art? Where does inspiration come from? Canvas discusses a dark inspiration for the creation of works the artist considers "holy."
  • Tattoo - Scars. They remind us who we are, what we are and where we have been. But when a scar takes away your identity, what would you do to get it back? Jackson, a journalist in Houston, discovers links between several murders that have taken place in his city. His investigation draws him into the world of body art where he discovers an obsession worth killing for.
  • Closet Treats - Reality is a slippery slope for Trey Leger. He's managed to carve out a somewhat normal existence in spite of his mental illness. But when an ice cream truck starts making the rounds of his neighborhood, Trey can no longer tell reality from his delusions.